Weekly Post Challenge: “Abandoned”



It’s about time I posted on here again!

Click HERE for the story.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Abandoned”

    • I would imagine by a dirt road connecting to the nearest highway. If there ever was one, it’s certainly long gon now. There’s no trace of it, and the edge of the highway is a steep drop into a marshy natural drainage ditch.

      Whomever put this beat up old truck out there really meant to get rid of it.

  1. Is it an abandoned car that nature will take care of?
    In Sweden, there are some car cemeteries where cars have been submitted to their fate for years. Now it has become popular to go there and photograph them. Unfortunately I do not drive so it’s not likely that I can take your own pictures. Pity. But here’s a link if you want to see some pictures as a blog friend did.

  2. Beautiful black and white! You sure it’s abandoned? Just because the weeds have grown up around it…?

  3. Yes, it was about time! I’ve been checking back here regularly to look out for new posts, but it’s been (too) quiet lately! Abandoned vehivles like this, was a treasure when I was a kid. I remember we used to play in them and had lots of fun.

    • All is well, Antonia, than you so much. Kim and I have been extremely busy lately.

      Today, I will be drafting new posts for Hammer Home.

      I’ll also be working on upcoming posts for this blog but some will be delayed as I’m desperately trying to find time to do more drawing and painting. This blog has become saturated with so much of my photography that I’m finding that people are forgetting that I’m an illustrator. I really have to do something about that.

      • Good to hear that all is well with you. Looking forward to the renewal of your blog. It is inspiring. Photography is a relative quick art if compared with drawing and painting. Drawing and painting is more meditative. A low art. Today I was at the Museum and saw both photography and paintings. Photo by Hans Gedda and paintings of different artists who were inspired by Caravaggio. It’s really two different-undergraduate level. Wondered how long it took to paint the paintings. Days? Weeks? maybe years? Incredibly beautiful and vivid.

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