Weekly Post Challenge: “Street Life”

An Alley A Cane & A Long Hard Stare

An Alley A Cane & A Long Hard Stare

I like this latest challenge by WordPress. It’s right up my alley.

Click HERE for the story. Fair warning, it’s a fairly long photo essay.


22 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Street Life”

    • I’ve always been attracted to film noir aesthetics. Much of the comic book work I used to do used it heavily. When I do street photography, I always prefer lighting conditions that make it easy to achieve that look. It’s very captivating; mysterious and intense.

    • Thank you. I deliberately go for that abundant black-on-black (80-90% cool grey value to true opaque black) appearance to my street photography. It really never gets old for me. It isolates, contrasts and compliments the illuminated details so well that an observer is compelled to stop and examine what’s going on in the picture.

      This level of film noir encourages the onlooker to take interest in the story being presented in the image.

    • Than you, Otto.

      I like that tough old guy look of his face too, and the stance to go with it. It’s like he’s saying, “What the hell are you lookin’ at? Do you want a piece of me? Well, come an’ get it! I may have a cane but I’ll take you on, sonny boy!”

  1. Very cool, Allan. I like the fact that it tells so much with so few visual elements. Nice and rich blacks and highly contrasting whites … great shot, man.

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