Flying Low 2014/I

In the Air

In the Air

Calling All Visual Artists in Hamilton & Art Collectors Everywhere! WE HAVE LIFTOFF!

NO, YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN! It’s been 2 years since MOF held a Flying Low Art Sale. Although on such short notice, I’m happy to announce that we are holding at least one this coming Saturday May 31, 8:00am – 1:00pm. We’ll see about holding any others throughout the summer months, and if it’s in the cards I’ll be sure to provide ample notice as I usually do.

Since relocating, it certainly took a lot of time and careful planning to be able to kick this one off. Yeah, this time it’s even more of a community effort now that we’ve got neighbours participating on their properties, so it’s ALL SYSTEMS GO!

If you’re looking to buy art, find great art deals or meet Hamilton artists, find your way to 152 West 19th Street, Hamilton, ON.

If you’re a visual artist within or around the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, can’t find a place this weekend to pedal your craft and would like to join us, and promote yourself in it please call Allan or Kim at (905) 523-1839.

You can also contact me through the About page on this blog for more information about this non-juried exhibition.

Watch for potentially more posts about Flying Low on this blog, and the MOF Fan Page on Facebook

Print the coupons below to use toward your visual art purchase at the upcoming Flying Low Art Sale.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again!




18 thoughts on “Flying Low 2014/I

    • Thank you, Mike. I have always wanted to do something abstract with an eagle in flight but had absolutely no idea as to how to go about it being that these animals behave spontaneously and instinctively.

      I completely lucked out here by being at the bird’s back as it was alighting, causing it to protrude its head so far foreward and down that it became hidden by the wing and created this beautifully abstract appearance. The rest was post-prod.

      I just used this shot to redesign my business card. I usually get positive reactions with my card designs, and people usually remember me for them so I hope this will also have the impact.

  1. You know I would of posted something on my blog to promote my blogger friends’ events, but it was indeed a quick notice. Well, good luck, Allan.

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