Weekly Post Challenge: “Split-Second Story”



WordPress has issued a really good non-challenge this week. For it, I’ve posted the above shot from Hammer Home that I think is appropriate. Go there if you want the written description of what’s happening but I have an older picture called “Stricken” that I also considered entering for this non-challenge. To see stricken and the explanation for it, you’ll have to go this older post and read the comment section. If you do go there and click on “Stricken” to enlarge it, you’ll also find more dialogue about the image.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

That image will eventually also wind up in Hammer Home.

Affectionately and colloquially referred to as “action photography”, it’s really something to capture the suddenness and extreme drama of life like this. It is obviously so hard to do because events like these are so rare and fleeting and their stories often should be told.

To capture such occurrences in street photography, sports photography, wildlife photography, pet photography, photojournalism — even in event and editorial work in which such scenes are sometimes allowed to be staged, is the apex ambition of many creative photographers. It’s such a rush to make these shots to convey important dynamics, and we love seeing other shooters produce such images.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Split-Second Story”

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  2. Such an action packed photo, volumes of strong emotion there. Hope you weren’t too close and got dragged into the action. Fisting and pummeling one another rarely solves anything, if not make a situation worse than it already is. Good take on the theme this week, a challenging one in my opinion but a very broad one too.

  3. Fabulous! …such excellent work you have… I’m trying to figure out why it’s not displaying in my reader… in any case, this is terrific!

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