Weekly Post Challenge: “Room”

Keeping Our Distances

Keeping Our Distances

This week, WordPress has another inspiring brief that I can’t resist providing my interpretation of:

They are so close, and yet so far. It’s not even just that space that lies between them that dares the mind to dream up stories either. It’s how the people are in their own spaces. It’s the way she’s sitting there indifferent with her book, and the way he’s standing there so pensive with his hands in his pockets and his head nodded forward. She’s in dark clothing and shade while he’s in light clothing and exposed to direct sunlight. All these elements come together to force you into creating some happening of life that, in reality, probably doesn’t exist. Without maligning, go on and dream up whatever scenario you wish is to take place between these two lives. Imagination is meant to be fertile.

For the breakdown of what inspired the shot, click HERE.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Room”

  1. Once again, great interpretation of the week’s photo challenge. Both of them look like they are waiting for something, maybe that’s what they have in common. There’s always room for imagination

    • Thank you, Mabel. Instead of acknowledging just the physical aspects of a space when I was out photowalking, I thought of how spaces between people have potential positive or negative dynamics for relationships between us.

  2. How she’s wearing warm layer and he’s not. How she’s wearing glasses and he’s not. Striking contrasts, feels so good to digest when you take the moment to dissect it. What a capture! As striking as capturing the right moment in action shots… Excellent, Allan. You are excellent!

    • I’m often tempted to comment on my shots. Explaining the things that I see; the things that inspired me to make the composition. I often kick myself afterward for not trying to let the image tell the story by itself or merely create a reaction in others without words.

      On the flip side, there have been afew time when I don’t say anything, and someone writes me to advise me to provide descriptions more often.

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