Weekly Post Challenge: “Contrast”

Highlighted Beauty

Highlighted Beauty

SERIOUSLY?! This is this week’s photo challenge from WordPress? COOL!

Some complain about high contrast work, especially in monochrome photography. They say it’s overdone but it NEVER gets old to me. I love high contrast, especially in black and white; slight grays and the whitest white details standing out amidst vast seas of the richest, inky blackness.

Most people don’t want drama in their lives but when it comes to photography, the drama that is created through contrast really helps to tell the story of what’s going on in an image. Emotion is even conveyed best through contrast. In some of my B/W work, I’ll even go for a black-on-black look. There’s nothing like it.

I very much enjoy setting up high contrast lighting in studio but I like it even more when all the elements needed come together naturally in the street. I look for this all the time, and it is so rewarding to me when I can find a situation or person I can capture in this light.

I made this urban portrait of a natural beauty at pretty much the same time as when I shot ”One Look” and ”Furrowed Brow.” They are all visually simple but carry the impressive and mysterious impact of the film noir aesthetics and mood that I fell in love with as a young illustrator.


46 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Contrast”

  1. What a wonderful shot for this week’s challenge. Can see the film noir aspect coming through with the tones of black and white. I wouldn’t say this photo is overly dramatic, but there seems to be a pensive feel about it. Reminds me of the Hitchcock films.

  2. I share your views Allan and I agree this IS film noir aesthetics :). I understand why you posted this for “contrasts”. Wonderful, intimate portrait!

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  4. I’m a call it now. This is the best submission for contrast this week. Contrast theme is also overdone by WPC. I think it’s been done before. Then, others are associated with it like the juxtaposition theme. Contrast is a big aspect of photography. I’ll never grew tired of it too. 😉

  5. Hello Allan, haven’t seen any posts from you for so long and relieved to know all well with you. Couldn’t agree with you more about the value of contrast, those thin lines of light painting such an exotic portrait in your great shot. Looking forward to seeing more when you get the time!

  6. This I completely relate to– I also love high contrast- I think it adds so much more drama to black and whites that can sometimes be a little “blah” …at least to me 🙂 — beautiful!

  7. I see what you mean about loving contrast and the drama really shows here. I do add contrast routinely to all my B&W shots in processing because think it’s an important aspect too. And some added structure to the focal point.

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