B&W Photo Challenge: “People” – TheMOFMan’s 1st Post



Out of the blue, I have been non-challenged! The talented photojournalist Ks3nia of Moments (yes, click that bold type and go see her blog) has thrown down the gauntlet, and I have accepted it. My task is to post black and white photography for five consecutive days. Yes, despite my current busy schedule I think I can do that!

In the process of accepting this non-challenge, I must nominate another talented blogger to accept the hot potato which is the theme of “people”. My first deserving nominee is . . .

Otto von Munchow of In Flow.

Of course; nominees shall not be bribed, coerced, threatened, intimidated, tortured, taxed or otherwise forced to participate.

So, above is my first shot for this thing. A very simple portrait of an ordinary guy who I think has led an inspirational life. For that story click this bold type.

Otto; I hereby challenge you to:

1. Post at least one B&W photograph each day for the next five days, each photo meeting the theme of “People” (Psssst! There is nothing to say that duotones, tritons and quadtones cannot be included); and

2. Each day, nominate another blogging photographer to run with and pass on the spud!

You’re always inspiring to me, so I have no doubt that you can show some impressive interpretations.

All the very best to you, Sir!


6 thoughts on “B&W Photo Challenge: “People” – TheMOFMan’s 1st Post

  1. Excellent shot. The darkness in the foreground isn’t overwhelming at all. I get the feeling the man is in serious thought, looks a bit uncertain and pensive as well in my opinion. Good luck with the challenge.

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