B&W Photo Challenge: “People” – TheMOFMan’s 2nd Post



Here I go! Shot number 2 in answering the call from Ks3nia of Moments to post black and white photography for five consecutive days (Moments is a cool blog, so click the bold type to see her entries in this non-challenge). I don’t know where this thing originated from before her but I like it.

I typically get so wrapped up in my pursuits and responsibilities that for me, seeing this guy pushing this shopping cart down the street like this was like a reminder to make it a mission to relax and enjoy life from time-to-time.

This time, as I continue with this chain-challenge, I nominate Paulo Cesar Silva of COTTIDIANUS to be a part of this effort to inspire each other. For those who don’t know, Paulo is a street photographer in Portugal who shoots there and anywhere else he can.

So far, my only other nominee is Otto von Münchow of In Flow, so periodically relax and find time to check out Otto’s and Paulo’s photography blogs.

Again; nominees shall not be bribed, coerced, threatened, intimidated, tortured, taxed or otherwise forced to participate.

Paulo; I challenge you to:

1. Post at least one B&W photograph each day for the next five days, each photo meeting the theme of “People” (duotones, tritones and quadtones are acceptable); and

2. Each day, nominate another blogging photographer for this non-challenge.

Have fun!

14 thoughts on “B&W Photo Challenge: “People” – TheMOFMan’s 2nd Post

    • You know what? Just this morning, my wife and I pulled into a Walmart parking lot, and a middle aged man with a mustache and goatee charged out of the store with a cart full of groceries. He was supporting his entire weight on the back of the cart while using one foot to swiftly propel himself along the pavement.

      Of course I had my camera with me but he scooted by so fast that I couldn’t reach into my bag to pull the thing out in time! I was so close to catching a good shot there!

      What a way to play!

  1. A funny moment. I don’t know what is the case, either the cart is too big for the man or the man too small for the cart. I agree with Patti; a fabulous shot. Otherwise, thanks for the nomination. As mentioned before I had to get back to it when I have some more time. Over the Christmas holidays I should be able to take up on the challenge.

    • Yes, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the cart as far as I could tell. The only thing that seems to make sense is that he pushed it along this way because it was fun!

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