B&W Photo Challenge: “People” – TheMOFMan’s 4th Post

contemporary black and white street photography hamilton ontario

Lookin’ Sharp

So, here’s my fourth shot of real life people as I continue to answer the call from Ks3nia of Moments to post black and white photography for five consecutive days.

I pass the torch by nominating André Diogo Pereira of Life in a Photograph to participate in this chain-photography challenge. I’ve taken a liking to his B/W work.

My other nominees so far have been:

Otto von Münchow of In Flow; and

Paulo Cesar Silva of COTTIDIANUS; and


Again, I hope that you take time to click the bold type and check out everyone’s photography blogs.

André, if willing to accept, I challenge you to:

1. Post at least one B&W photograph each day for the next five days, each photo meeting the theme of “People” (duotones, tritones and quadtones are acceptable); and

2. Each day, nominate another blogging photographer for this non-challenge.

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