2015 Resolution Herald

2015 Resolution Herald

GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDENCE 2014! From beginning to end you chewed me up and spat me out! I find that the year was like that for many people for some reason; both artists and non-artists alike. I seriously considered not posting a resolution for 2015. Almost nothing went according to my last plan. So, I’ve written this one a bit differently.


The famine continued throughought last year. No paintings, hand drawings or digital work was produced. My fictional world Rädën especially remains in limbo as I continue to find a real celestial body to base it on because I so detest sci-fi that relies on bad astronomy.

In consideration of discovered worlds with high and low Erath Similarity Indices (ESI’s), just how many exoplanets and exomoons have I carefully considered, and had to reject so far? Let’s see . . . Upsilon Andromeda c and d, Kepler 62e and f, KOI 1686.01, KOI 3284.01, Gliese 667Cc, Kapteyn b, KOI 4878.01, K0I 5819.01, KOI 5927.01, K0I 5123.01, K0I 5545.01, K0I 5904.01, HD 222582 b m, KOI 375.01 m, KOI 2933.01 m, KOI 422.01 m and HD 28185. That’s quite the hunt for worlds on which to illustrate adventures.

Here’s what I’m up against. My search continues to be narrowed down to the types of stars that astrobiology theorists worldwide agree have the highest chance of supporting organic “Life AS We Know It (LAWKI)”, even if it’s only microbial, but I’m looking for a place that can harbour intelligent life of course. These specific classes of stars are what are known as main sequence stars. Of all these main sequence stars, I get to focus on:

• F spectral class stars – 3% of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy (a very small percentage, and planets and moons in the habitable zones around these stars are presumed not likely to exist geologically long enough for intelligent life to evolve – that doesn’t bode significantly well for my sci-fi and fantasy art);

• G spectral class stars – ~7% of the stars in the Milky Way (these are the most stable, long lasting, radioactively and chemically ideal stars for hosting worlds that life could evolve on [our sun is a G2V] but there is such a low percentage of these stars of which to find adequately formed solar systems orbiting);

• K spectral class stars – ~12% of the stars in the Milky Way (very good candidates for hosting worlds that could bear excitingly strange intelligent life forms [Upsilon Andromeda is an F8V] but again, their percentage is so low);

• M-dwarf spectral class stars – >75% of the stars in the Milky Way (so extremely radioactive and flaring that although complex life forms could conceivably exist, according to current astrobiology theories, it is neither likely to occur nor likely that creatures could evolve long enough to develop intelligence [unfortunately due to the malfunction of two out of four positioning wheels in late 2013, the Kepler satellite had to be tasked to only searching for exoplanets around M-dwarfs; a mission called K2 with an exomoon sub-mission called HEK]).

All other types of stars in our galaxy simply just don’t cut it for the possibility of allowing organic life to exist.

I am hoping that a new near future exoplanet hunting mission like TESS and JWST will put an end to this SF/fantasy art drought. The problem with these projected missions is that they are a minimum of two years away from launching. Can I wait that long? Do I have much of a choice? I’d rather not resort to the old fashion way of just making Rädën come to life on pure guesswork.


Still going strong – nuff said!


This is where MOF is focused right now. I’m not going into detail here. I need to keep some things to myself for a while but I will stress that a lot of good can come out of being able to learn from your mistakes and other setbacks. In short, however, I’ve been developing a new business model and already have a very full action plan established for the next 12 months. If things go as planned, I’ll let you know what happens as they happen.

I’ve done far more following of blogs in the last year than blogging myself, and I’m afraid that planned activities will continue to keep my blogging at a reduced level. I can say that even the new model already projects that contact and networking with various others through blogging and other means will eventually increase, and must increase, by the end of 2015.

So, that’s all I have to say for this year’s resolution. Wish me good luck as I wish you all the very same in all of your endeavors.

MOF T-Bird Standard


19 thoughts on “Mercenartist-2015

  1. A lot of people say, “It’s been a year of highs and lows for them.”.But a lot of people say it just to say it, without even real reflection. Of course, everyone has ups and downs. But I really think that year 2014 for me is a real rollercoaster ride. Even my blogging is dialed down as well. From always blogging, down to 3 – 4 posts per 2 weeks, and this year, just one post a week.

    Allan, I heartily wish you the very best of luck this year even esp. for your personal/professional success. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Rommel. Very much appreciated. You are aces, and I also wish you a more stable, productive and successful 2015 both personally and professionally too.

    • Thank you so much, Howard. One of the tricks for me is finding time to do more illustration. With photography now almost completely ruling the world, it’s so hard to get back to my true artistic roots but I’ll never give up. I will claw back by place as an illustrator.

    • I’m so glad that you asked! This is an old piece from one of my sketchpads. I was conceptualizing the T-Bird myth through the fantasy art genre. I turned into a business herald to go with my Rorschach style logo; “Inkblotman”.

      All the very best to you too, Victoria.

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