Weekly Post Challenge: “New”

Low Light Black and White Urban Street Photography

In the Wee Hours of the Night


27 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “New”

  1. Such a haunting image, yet a peaceful one. If you go by time, every new day starts with darkness. Great one for this challenge. Happy New Year, wishing you the best for this year.

    • Very interesting observation both literally (if you don’t live beyond the Arctic and Antarctic circles at certain times of the year) and metaphysically.

      Happy belated New Year to you too, Mabel!

  2. Night appeals to me. Like that it is deserted and stille. It also means that I don’t dare walk around myself unfortunately. I like the beautiful watch also feels old. And it is certainly old, too.

    • I like the night too. Especially warm summer nights. I find that familiar urban life really does take on a new character after the sun has gone down.

      That’s the Westdale Village Clock on the corner of Hamilton’s King Street West and Paisley Avenue South. This tall timepiece been there keeping time for many years but I have yet to discover any local history about it.

  3. This is a gorgeous shot and a night scene. That clock on the left looks almost surreal. My first impression was that you merged files to add some old hand watch or the type of ones that gents used to wear in the pocket.

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