Weekly Post Challenge: “Shaded”

Black and White Urban Street Photography

Furrowed Brow



24 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Shaded”

    • That hot spot will either make or break this picture. Some people find it a distraction while others, like me, like the bright reflection off of the forehead of the woman in the background. It balances the image by drawing a subtle amount of attention from the man’s face to her silhouette. That background figure is the same girl in this shot:


      Another sticking point is the volume of shadow on the male subject’s mouth.

      I shot this on a city bus, and I was really fortunate here as the intense sunlight was ever so fleeting for me to switch lenses and bracket a few shots of passengers where I could exploit the natural rim lighting.

      I do wish I had a bit more light fall on his lips; just enough to outline the contour of the foreground subject’s face more in relation to the profile in the background. I’m not totally disappointed regardless. The large deep shadow over his mouth helps to keep attention returning to that marvelously furrowed brow.

  1. A strong portrait. And since it’s already been discussed, the white out-of-focus spot in the upper right corner, does make the difference in this photo – at least when it comes to composition. It adds a counterpoint to the face and in particular the bright part of the face.

    • Yes, I’ve even post-prod this shot strictly to see what it would look like without the hot spot. The picture suffers immediately. It makes all the difference in the world. The bright spot really needs to be there.

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