Weekly Post Challenge: “Wall”

Little Dogs in Black and White Street Photography

Please Come Back

For most of my life, walls have been obstacles to overcome. Sometimes they are welcome challenges, and other times they are nothing but burdens.

It goes without saying that life throws up a lot of walls. To get through them certainly takes tenacity, at least.


30 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Wall”

  1. Brilliant interpretation of this week’s challenge, and brilliant B&W photo to go along with it. Walls are not only physical but internal and invisible around us too. They can be setbacks, but if we have a logical and determined thinking cap on our head, something can be done about it. Sometimes they are lessons in disguise, teaching us to jump higher and reach our potential.

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  3. I’ll take it the owner is inside and the dog is going “did you forget me?” A delightful picture, it sure brought a smile in my face – although I am aware that the dog probably doesn’t think it’s funny.

    • The owner tied the dog up to go inside the market to buy food. This little JRT was longing for the owner to return so that they could continue their walk.

      I love the way dogs can be so genuinely loyal, affectionate to and protective of those who take great care of them. There are some breeds like Boxers that watch the faces of their owners almost constantly for communicative indications.

    • I’ve always wanted to too. I can photograph people hugging, petting and even kissing their dogs all day long but I had yet to capture the behaviour of a dog longing for its human companion.

      I like the wee li’l ears, and the wee li’l tail and the wee li’l legs on the wee li’l paws.

      You just know that when the dog owner comes back out of that shop, there will be nothing but an unconditional and sincerely gleeful greeting coming out of that wee li’l frame.

  4. There is no wall…except the small base..the with dog ..without a face….yet you post it under wall..hmm..there is only a glass wall…so transparent ..so firm..so fragile yet restrictive ..almost invisible and cold…

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