Weekly Post Challenge: “Blur”

Black and white low light street photography

Surviving Rush Hour

A combination of motion blur and low-light photography in the street.


38 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Blur”

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  3. Amazing shot. That guy looks almost too close to the car…and you a little too close to him perhaps 😀 Great focus on your guy, though, and the BW effect turned out nicely for a low-light shot.

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  5. … and that’s a hard combination to achieve. Always a great job, Allan. Sometimes, I just can’t imagine how are you taking all your shots … where you are positioned, how quick you do it or are you patiently waiting, etc … You do this so well – taking perfect shots of ordinary life scenes.

    • Wow! Thank you so much, Rommel. It’s actually a combination of all that you mentioned. Every situation is different so I have to adapt instinctively and reflexively. For some, this seems to come quickly but It took me many years to get this far, and I really do have a long way to go yet to produce the quality of street photography that I think I should yield.

      Very much appreciated.

  6. I like the way the light sparkles off the clasp on his bag. (clasp? I think.) It compliments the rest of the streaks of white light you’ve captured in the rest of the photo. Enjoyable, Allan.

    • Thank you, yes. I was a little concerned that in my post prod, I wouldn’t get enough contrasting white into the shot without having to over process the image. I think it worked out okay.

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    • Everything about the way he walked down the street and stood at the corner said that he was so tired, and had a very busy and possibly stressful day. He just wanted to go home and be himself again.

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