Weekly Post Challenge: “Early Bird”

High contrast black and white street photography

Sangria Sunrise

Well, I’m back for a limited time!

Thanks again to all those who have congratulated me on the group exhibition, which will continue to be on until mid-June. Apart from that, I have been working on a couple other projects, one of which had me and Kim out of the country for a while. I’ll reveal that one soon enough.

As I have created some good opportunities for myself, I certainly have to be an early bird and get the jump on them while they’re still viable.

I’m still running around crazy getting things done, plus I now have nearly 500 e-mails to get caught up on. So, a very special thanks to everyone who has patiently stuck around, and continued to see and inquire as to when I’d pop my head back up again, either here or in Hammer Home. It is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to sharing the outcomes with you all bit-by-bit.

Now, this shot is definitely one that I had to be out and about quite early for when the sun was low and casting the deep dark shadows I love to exploit in my imagery.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Early Bird”

    • Thank you so much, Paula. You’re an inspiration to me also. You’re one of the artists whose work I study, and am impressed and motivated to always try to do better. Look sharper, express deeper, create more broadly and refined while trying to staying unique.

  1. Congrats, the group exhibition is a wonderful thing. Must be exciting. This is a brilliant shot, and I think you managed to capture a bit of unhappiness in the woman’s face. She doesn’t look too happy with the world at all. Good luck with the emails 🙂

    • Yes, that’s pretty much the impression I got from her face. It’s more than the morning sun in her eyes that makes her scowl, I suspect that life has been hard for her. She’s been finding her way through it the best she can . . . I hope.

      That tall vessel beside her is a paper Tim Horton’s cup. People around here are addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. That, instead of Sangria, might be what she’s relying on to help her start the day. I can’t exactly say that one vice is better than the other.

  2. I wondered, of course, where you went, and was hoping that you had a good reason for it and it you had 🙂 . Congratulations to the exhibition, and it sounds so exciting with the journey as you probably will talk about later. Like your picture with the woman on the bench, all light on her.

    • Yes, I wonder too. Above the sports bar are some small apartments. Some may have stayed up late at the bar the previous night, and then went upstairs in a disturbing manner.

  3. The Hamilton Tiger Cats is a Canadian Football League team. There is an old team chant that was created by a super-fan named Vince Wirtz back in the 1920’s. It goes:

    Oskee Wee Wee
    Whiskey Wa Wa
    Holy Mackinaw
    Tigers … Eat’em RAW!

    The “Oski Yell” was modified and made famous by a cheerleader/mascot named Pigskin Pete. His version has been in use at every game by every Pigskin Pete and generation of Ti-Cats fans ever since:

    Oskee Wee Wee
    Oskee Waa Waa
    Holy Mackinaw
    Tigers … Eat ’em RAW!!

    This lady is sitting in front of a sports bar in Hamilton where the proprietor has written, “Go Cats Go! Tigers Eat-Em-Raw!” in the window.

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