Weekly Post Challenge: “Motion”

Black and white street photography

Man Running from A to B

I saw him come running from a way up yonder – yes I always wanted to say that but it’s true. His attire was one of the aspects about him that caught my attention right away, then the fact that he was dressed this way while running with the intent of a long distance marathoner.

His style looked like a contemporary spin on the 50’s greaser look. He kind of reminded me of Arthur Fonzarelli. For those of a generation who don’t know who Fonzarelli, “Fonzie” or “The Fonz” was I’m not going to explain it. Look it up, AAAAAAAY!

Seeing him coming, I thought this might look okay as a simple stop motion black and white shot.

As for the title, it’s purely inspired by the name of a painting by Dutch artist Ruud Krijnen. The piece is called “Man Walking from A to B”, and it’s my favourite from Krijnen. It also became part of the cover art of one of the early albums produced by Lawrence Gowan, a musician whose work I have also long admired.


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