Weekly Post Challenge: “On the Way”

Black and white Hamilton Ontario street photography


This shot is about getting away.

I went to shoot this pedestrian tunnel under a train track with the aim of creating an image that conveys a sense of journeying to somewhere new and exciting; perhaps even foreboding. I wanted anonymous looking figures ascending and descending the stairs of one side of the passage to create an impression of either boarding some craft on the way to somewhere distant or just arriving and de-boarding.

It took a bit of a wait to be able to capture people walking in adequate juxtapositions in the right light but I think I pulled it off.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “On the Way”

  1. I think you did achieve what you set out to do. I like it lots and yes…people do not seem to position themselves properly when they see you want to get ‘that shot!’ I often find they even do their best not to be ‘in your picture!!’ or crouch low

  2. Great shot. The wait was worth it. The fact you can’t see their faces adds quite a bit of mystery to it – you don’t get the sense of their emotions and if they are rushing here and there, almost as if they are drifting through time onto the next passage of their lives.

    • Drifting ghosts, yes. There was an ethereal nuance about the place and the situation when I was shooting. Looking at the shot now, Jacob’s Ladder comes to mind.

      Good assessment, Mabel.

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