A Guest Challenge Awaits

Allan TheMOFman Hamilton Sports Photography


Emotion; we can let it get the better of us or we can utilize it as necessary. Apply the right emotion, and the right amount of emotion at the most logical time. Photography is an activity in which you need to have emotions.

Your subject doesn’t have to be famous or even admirable. Whatever subject or circumstance you’re shooting; connect with it with controlled passion. When you do this . . . realize the outcome.

This is the thrust behind the first self-challenge in photographic storytelling that Paula Borkovic has invited me to present on her blog Lost in Translation. Go there and see what it’s about. Take on the challenge, and leave links to your pictures there. I look forward to seeing your results.

Thank you so much Paula, for this opportunity.


13 thoughts on “A Guest Challenge Awaits

  1. I am the one that should be giving thanks, Allan 🙂 You have written an inspiring and educational article and I hope that my followers will make the best use of this opportunity. The above photo sums the challenge theme up so well.

  2. Another vote from me for Hamilton Ambassador! As for the emotion in your shot Allan, I love the contrast between the main subject and the background spectators.

    • I wasn’t happy with the lighting of the Convention Centre; however, where the tournament was held. Absolutely horrible wattage output. It was so hard trying to WB with those lights on a 32′ ceiling, and bring our satisfactory colours without overpowering the shadows. I avoided using flash as much as possible too because at such close ranges, popping strobes is nothing but a major distraction to the competitors.

      There was a lot of post-prod on most of the shots from this tourney.

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