Another Guest Challenge Awaits

Allan TheMOFman Hamilton Ontario Street Photography


So, the last time Paula Borkovic allowed me to post a guest challenge on Lost in Translation I covered how to tell a story through full colour photography by connecting emotively with your subject matter. It was a fun exercise, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s effort and feedback to each other. Sometimes, that’s very important. Paula has me back again, and this time I’ve explained a few steps that we can take in our aims to express ideas illustratively.

The drive is to tell a story through one or more black and white pictures by staying emotionally connected but also by utilizing illustrative techniques. This is to help pull the artist out of each of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re engaging in sports photography, wildlife photography, fine art nudes or a real tuffy like still life. It doesn’t mater if the subject matter is something that appeals to you or irritates you. There’s a story to be told.

Are you up for this self-challenge? Jump to Lost in Translation, take a look at this approach, take your time, take your best shot and have fun with this. Take on the challenge, and leave links to your pictures there or here.

Thank you again Paula for this opportunity.

I love how you expressed the theme through a street photography essay. Everyone recognizes that you are pushing yourself, and succeeding!

30 thoughts on “Another Guest Challenge Awaits

  1. This must be the entrance to a church or a convent? Madonna sheltering a child that is reading? I guess it is the Madonna? The human figure looks like a teenage boy with something in his right hand? There is peace in the sculpture, but movement in his pose that can be reverence, despair.. I am not sure what he is feeling, but he is reaching out. Thank you for showing with your example again, Allan.

    • I’m actually afraid to describe the scene as I hope most will recognize the true story or conceive an imaginary one all on their own.

      The statue is in front of St. Ann’s RC Church in Hamilton, ON. I shot the statue of Mary and young Jesus another time to create the image at the following link:

      The figure before the statue with his arms outstretched is a man who appeared to be in his middle ages. Pretty rough-looking, he may have been homeless — I’m not actually sure, but as he was walking past the church on Barton Street East he suddenly stopped, took off his backpack, took up that position, raised his hands so dramatically and spent some time there paying penance before moving on.

      I had to shoot this. It was an incredible thing to see. It’s a tough, cynical town in a tough cynical world and I just don’t see this sort of thing every day. I didn’t expect it at all.

      I had to work feverishly fast to pull out my camera and select the lens and manual settings I did to capture this moment. I rapid fired a number of frames but this is the composition I liked the best.

    • Thank you so much, Jessica.

      As one group exhibition is about to close in July, I have just been approved to enter another in August. With your family background in the visual arts, I wish that you and your daughter could make it.

  2. I could not zoom on it, so I mistook it for a rope ;). I thought he was a teenager cause of his clothes, but now I can see that his hair is not just messy but thin on the forehead.

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  4. Excellent capture. And reading your responses to Paula, very spontaneous. That man certainly has hope within him. Whatever will be, will be. Hope he will find his way.

    • Thanks, Joshi. It’s interesting how the act of photographing life reflects the fabric of life itself. There’s luck involved. We witness and experience things partly because we just happen to be at a particular place at a particular time.

    • I was quite moved seeing this guy in the act. I fully expect to see this sort of thing inside a church, mosque, synagogue, temple or a tented outdoor prayer mass in a park. I don’t expect to see people walk up to a statue of Jesus on a Canadian street and conduct their own self-stylized worship or repentance.

      Where has this man been in his life? What has he experienced that brought him to this place in this specific way? Where will he go next? What will happen to him? To us?

  5. So much strong emotion on this shot … be it faith, the fact that he’s not afraid of judgment from people around him, or the hiding feelings he’s keeping inside that made him get in from of there. Excellent, excellent shot! You fellas really impresses me.

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