Weekly Post Challenge: “Door”

Black and white Hamilton Ontario Canadian street photography

Following Daddy

Yes! I had to jump in on WordPress’ Door self-challenge.

It’s a pleasant coincidence that this is WP’s theme as this morning, Kim and I were just talking about the phenomenal worldwide attraction to photographing doors. We remarked at how many door photography books have now made it to the shelves of major bookstores, and that one of our friends has one from many years ago.

Of course I also have to mention that one of the WP blogs I like to peruse on occasion is The Legion of Door Whores. There’s lots of good inspiration there.

I do have a few door shots of my own, and I did consider stuffing them all into this post but alas I decided to show just this one.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Door”

  1. Of an event, I also have a door today on my blog. Doors are amazing craft that fascinates. I have photographed them since I started shooting. In order to preserve. Modern doors have no soul.

    • Very much, Alexander. I was fortunate that the father turned his head enough to look at and read the sign. Both his gesture and the sign help to illustrate what’s going on.

  2. Wonderful composition. I love the way the man and girl are leading us inside. I wonder what they are feeling as the walk inside. What they are hoping for as they enter. And the sign ‘all are welcome’ is a nice touch!

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