Weekly Post Challenge: “Symbol”

Black and white Hamilton Ontario Canadian street photography

To All

This week, WordPress has posed a challenge that I take on proactively in the Hammer Home Street Photography Project.

Unborrowed Symbol –– is the name of one of my themes that is inspired by a quote from the philologist and Indiologist Heinrich Zimmer. He said:

“Symbols hold the mind to truth but are not themselves the truth, hence it is delusory to borrow them. Each civilization, every age, must bring forth its own.”

In the project, I pay attention to the objects and places that appear to represent, stand for or suggest an idea, belief, action or material aspect that is typical of the city at large or community within (that’s quite a mouthful).

For this week’s challenge, I post this image.

Symbolically, justice is something that everyone should have but can’t necessarily agree on; therefore, and most unfortunately, not everyone will actually receive it in their lifetimes.

It’s axiomatic, yes but still something I ponder.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Symbol”

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  2. Beautiful shot, and great interpretation of this week’s challenge. I love the shadows towards the bottom of the shot, reckon it gives a bit of an ominous feel to the image. Justice is such a sticky topic. You are right – not all of us will get justice in our lifetimes. And you often wonder who’s fault is it…or is it anyone’s fault or is it just the way of the universe trying to tell us something.

    • Thank you, Mabel. Like Antonia said above, sometimes the justice we get is not the justice we value. Just as the justice we think we’re handing out, is not really the justice we should be giving.

      Definitely a Catch 22.

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