Arboretum Virtualis | II

Black and white tree photography

Sycamores in Spring Mist

“Nuts! Naïve!” that’s what some call my value system; my mode of thinking. I’m the sort who would get up one morning and find profound beauty in a cloud that I see drifting by in the sky.

“It’s just a tree!” some say. “Who really cares?”

21 thoughts on “Arboretum Virtualis | II

  1. Nice, misty shot and yes: it’s just a tree, but still so much more.
    I’m thinking like you here and probably would have ended with a similar shot of this scene, while my friend would have captured a detail from a branch or a dead leaf and another friend of mine would have gone down the macro path, finding some mushroom that grows on the tree somewhere.
    So, it’s just a tree, but we all see it in our different ways.

    • The fog in this area can come and go extremely fast or last for hours. You just never know what you’re going to get, so I jumped on this when I came across these dewy trees.

      Their upward reaching but also sprawling branches — like those of oaks, work so well with the weather and lighting.

      I just love it when things go my way!

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  3. Yes, it might be just a tree, but there is nothing “just” about the photo you have captured. It’s delicate, elegant and full of mood. I like it very much. Your mentioning of the sky, makes me think of Alfred Stieglitz’ Equivalent series of clouds. Worth checking out.

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