TheMOFMan’s Answer to B&W Sunday: Cityscape

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary urban photography

Morning Steam

Paula Borkovic posted a new challenge on her blog today. So, seeing as I finally had a little time to be creative I went out this morning and shot this landscape of the City of Hamilton’s most productive yet most notorious industrial sectors.

Click the bold white text, and head on over to Lost in Translation. Take on Paula’s challenge.

26 thoughts on “TheMOFMan’s Answer to B&W Sunday: Cityscape

  1. Beautiful BW shot. Love how that plume of smoke in the distance looks so menacing. On one hand the industrial sector provides jobs and gives a living to some of us, but on the other hand, the chemical output isn’t all that good for the environment.

    • Yes, there are environmental losses, vital human job losses and important community independance a growth potential losses. The factory puffing and blowing is Arcelo-Mittal Dofasco. One of the last surviving steel plants in this city. To the left, and not visible in the picture is US Steel Canada. It is nearly completely extinguished. It will never see a complement of 14, 000 employees as it did in its heyday back in the 70’s.

      This is an emotive piece. Good eyes, Patti.

    • Indeed, I like creating that black on black appearance with some of my B/W work. It’s a very rich and emotive effect.

      Applying it in digital post-prod is basically the same as if I was to create a red filtered sky effect. I’ve been doing it for years, and I didn’t know until fairly recently that it is associated with lomography.

  2. Otto stole the words from me. I saw this shot and immediately thought post-apocalyptic scene. Very nice shot. Leaving the bottom part dark adds a lot to it.

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