Arboretum Virtualis | III

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

Placid Grove

This is a forest photography piece that I’ve also shown on this blog before.

Many of the images in this project feature various maple species. This is the first shot of the series in which I show a grove of mainly maples with a few aspens and poplars.

I am very much drawn to maples as they are the most abundant throughout the Southern Ontario region where I live. The maple leaf is, of course, an important element of the Canadian national flag.

It was autumn when I made this composition, and the trickiest part was trying to get a three-shaded grey appearance by exposing without the use of filters. The aim was to capture the lighter coloured leaves on the trees in the background against the pale stratus clouds, while balancing the mid-tone and darker leaves in the foreground. The effort resulted in some amount of depth perception from the foreground to background, including from the forest floor to the tree canopy even though I shot this in field instead of portrait; the latter typically being the way to go to achieve a sense of heightening.

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