Weekly Post Challenge: “Creepy”

Black cat in graveyard cemetery and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

Black Malkin

So what’s up with TheMOFMan these days? I’m in the process of answering a new Call for Artists for an upcoming exhibition. While I’m feverishly working to get my submissions in to a jury, I thought I’d take a little time to interpret WordPress’ latest photo non-challenge. This little guy isn’t exactly creepy but the way in which he appeared to me was classically spooky. I’ve always been into various sorts of speculative fiction, and a black cat in a cemetery has the Hitchcock, Serling, Price and Burton kind of freakiness that I like.


29 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Creepy”

  1. Brilliant shot. Great timing. It certainly looks like the black cat is scowling at you, as if you intruded its personal space or disturbed its peace…in a cemetery. I suppose all this while it thought it was the only living thing there that moved.

    • Then again, was it really alive? Perhaps it was undead.


      The cat was actually very playful. Most cats on the street are scaredy cats, and run away but this little guy followed me around in there until I left.

  2. Cats give me the creeps especially black ones, and in conjunction with a cemetery, we have a winner! Excellent shot without any special effects – brilliant as it is.

  3. The black cat..should have been the caption it seems..walking away from the dead..when sun rises and returns to meet them ..with every sunset…why it stays where no one dares…is it one of them…the living dead…

  4. That’s perfect. I love the dour look on the cat’s face. Couldn’t have had better timing if you’d brought the cat yourself!

    • Yes, and while the cat looked menacing it was actually extremely friendly and playful. It followed me around in the cemetery for while until I had to leave, and I didn’t want to leave.

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