Arboretum Virtualis | IV

Black and white tree forest landscape photography


This is another shot that I have shown on the MOF blog before but I have decided to include it in Arboretum Virtualis despite my criticism of it being a stereotypical snowy tree landscape. There are two other pictures of trees in a cold winter that I seriously considered including in this project but eventually ruled against them.

I am at least glad that a few others like this shot more than I do.

21 thoughts on “Arboretum Virtualis | IV

  1. There is nothing stereotypical about your perspective. I like that you’re self critical, however, as it makes for great quality standards. I sometimes wonder what would inspire others to adopt the same ability to self critique before expressing. I enjoy your work because it is refined. xo

  2. This really is a very nice shot. Snow is often plain-looking, yet this is such an intricate shot. Snow suspended on bare branches…nature controlling nature in a sense, momentarily. And that path right in the middle seems to go on and on after the curve ahead. It looks like a simple shot, but I reckon it speaks volumes about the notion of journey and the universe. Brilliant.

  3. So beautiful. It’s almost as if I’m dying. ….. Though perhaps not. Snow is beautiful in the Woods and fields, in the big city is just a real nuisance. But the cold I long for.

  4. This photo represents the things I like about winter: Fresh fallen, soft snow. Silence. Fresh & crisp air.
    What I don’t like, is the low temperatures, feeling cold/wet, the darkness (but snow brightens it up) and teh fact that the winter/dark season is just way too long.

  5. I love the perfection of the freshly fallen snow and the way my eye is lead down the path through the trees and off into the great unknown. Am so glad that you decided to post it Allan. It is absolutely sublime. And I miss snow!

      • It’s funny, After a lifetime of it, I haven’t seen snow since 2012. Now when I think back to my favorite memory of life in NYC it was walking in Central Park after a blizzard. The snow sparklers so beautifully it seemed like it was singing. Wish I’d carried a camera back then. Of course I don’t know if I could have captured the freshly fallen snow as beautifully as you have here, but I would have had fun trying.

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