Arboretum Virtualis | V

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

Summer Rendezvous

I was simply drawn to the sight of the intimate table and chairs placed beneath this eastern black walnut.

18 thoughts on “Arboretum Virtualis | V

    • Yes, I definitely took advantage of the table and chairs being there to convey a sense of scale. That was an added bonus.

      Some people don’t like to see the presence of mankind in tree portraits, and I even spoke to another photographer at a recent group exhibition I was in about that. He took some flak from people for including actual people in his tree photography but I accept it, and deliberately make a point of including it in some of the pieces in the Arboretum Virtualis. I want to show our connection to and dependence on trees. I just think it’s important.

    • Thank you. It’s a gorgeous, tall tree.

      I wanted all of the pictures in the project to have a cohesive look, so although I did consider sepia toning and similar duotones, I went with straight, medium to high contrast black and white because some of the pictures do not look good duotoned.

      I have considered running a side project of tree species in a duotone that is similar to sepia, and even tritoned. As many fine art photographers delve into tree photography at some point in their careers; however — creating a glut of such images, I first want to hear feedback from others if they think it would be worth pursuing.

    • Take a look at this. I made this skyline shot of Hamilton years ago. The first time that I ever posted it on the Internet was on this blog in early 2012 without watermarking and other things that I do to protect my images:

      There are many beautiful skyline shots of this city from virtually the same vantage point from many other pro and amateur photographers but soon after I posted this image on this blog (which I’m now fixing to edit or delete), I discovered that there was a considerable interest in the shot. Shortly after that post, I began watermarking all of my images.

      The following link takes you to one of the latest entities that I have recently found — by happenstance, to have used that shot without my permission:

      No, it shouldn’t be any sort of a shock in this day and age but hey, you gotta watermark your images! 🙂

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