TheMOFMan Speaks to the St. Catherines Photographic Club

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary urban photography

Now There’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

Just taking this brief opportunity to thank Leah Parker, Cathy Swain and all the members of the St. Catherines Photographic Club for inviting me to speak about street photography at their Tuesday November 10, 2015 meeting. It was certainly a pleasure to be your guest, and I’d be glad to keep in touch!

For club members, and anyone else checking out MOF for the first time, just below I’ve provided some hyperlinks in bright text to the recommended online reading I mentioned at the end of my presentation.

The Unrepentant Flâneur’s Guide to Street Photography – a 12-part online MOF treatise on street photography for beginners and the experienced:

  • The best place to start with the guide is at its preface – a page on the Hammer Home Street Photography Project blog (the above hyperlink will take you right there).
  • Hyperlinks in the Preface lead to all 12 parts and the postface on the main MOF blog.

Street Photography Workshops – a fantastic online resource for new and experienced contemporary street photographers with its impressive aesthetic layout, easy flow of use, straightforwardness of content and effort to reach out globally; it only makes sense when using the Worldwide Web.

Eric Kim Blog – practically everything you want to know about street photography from a contemporary photographer who has created a world renowned name for himself in the genre.

Markus Hartel Street Photography – pretty much the same as Eric Kim but with a focus mainly on New York City, plus many quick but quite valuable tips.

There are also many other contemporary street photographers around the world whose work I love following. Some are well known; many are not. They’re all outstanding and worth acknowledging. As there really are too many of them to mention here, I’ve decided to list just ten of their sites in numerical/alphabetical order that you can link to:

Notice the subtle to wide variances in style despite similar subject matter within a single genre. Individual perspectives are revealed through the differences in seeing and shooting.

I wish everyone the very best in your street photography pursuits.

10 thoughts on “TheMOFMan Speaks to the St. Catherines Photographic Club

  1. I hope you had a fun time talking about street photography to the members of the St. Catherines Photographic Club. And thanks for the links to resource about street photography (and mentioning me in that context).

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