Arboretum Virtualis | VI

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

First on the Field

I love the look of this mature American elm standing tall, broad and strong by a soccer pitch on a misty morning. It’s the champion that has arrived early to prepare for the big regional game. It’s practically a personification of pride; I just had to photograph it like this.

I’m quite glad that I shot this image when I did because in reality, the poor tree has taken quite a beating. Two months before I composed this piece, it survived an intense windstorm that destroyed many other trees around it. Its own damage was relatively minor but you had to wonder if it could survive another bout of inclement weather, pollution or disease. Sure enough, three months after making the picture an ice storm tore most of its branches off. What was left couldn’t be saved. The remains had to be chopped right down to the ground.

This picture is a history record that a beautiful tree once stood at that spot. In its time, it was always the first one on the field.

14 thoughts on “Arboretum Virtualis | VI

  1. Love the “broad and strong by the soccer pitch on a misty morning” part. I just noticed the bench area, and thought that tree must be a stand-out one. Too bad for its fate, but you instilled the power of photography so beautifully here.

  2. Her time had come, but will be missing by many and by you. But she will still remain in your image and perhaps someone has painted it as well. A beautiful and evocative photography.

    • Thank you, Patti.

      The crown is not as full of leaves in this shot as it should have been that time of the year due to the windstorm.

      I should have also photographed the tree after being ravaged by the ice storm. I’ve seen pictures of trees after a bombing in WWII. It looked like those.

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