Weekly Post Challenge: “Eye Spy”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography


This was a double eye spy moment for the latest WordPress photo challenge.

I don’t usually shoot cats in my street photography but I couldn’t resist this little prowler.

Late at night, I was walking about shooting in the Stipley area of Hamilton, and this little nocturnal character and I briefly crossed each other’s paths. We stopped on either side of a park bench and looked each other up and down. I took the shot, and then we continued on our separate ways.

I see you there in the night.
You see me in the night.

I see you, see me in the night.
You see me, see you in the night.

I know what you’re up to;

You know what I’m up to;

I’ve got your picture.
I’ll remember you.

You’ve looked me up and down.
I know you’ll remember me.

Stay out of trouble,
And so will I.

I imagine cats in the streets to have some of the greatest adventures ever.


28 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Eye Spy”

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  2. Hey mof man (that is how I read your name – hope u don’t mind) and what a great find – the picture really grabbed me from the reader – and then double bonus with your poem – it reminded me a little of this song by haystak where he writes with a play on words with I see u….

    “them CD’s?
    I’m as free as a bird, now.
    And this bird you cannot change.
    Who’d have thought you’d see me in
    Prob’ly thought I’d see you in ICU.
    You can’t see me, but I see you.
    Wish you could hear me sayin’ “Baby,
    just be cool.”

    Anyhow – have a great weekend and cool take in the wpc.

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  4. I really like this shot. The cat doesn’t look menacing at all in my opinion. In fact, it looks rather cute and friendly. I think it was curious as to why you were passing by 🙂 Lovely poem to go with the shot. Certainly captured the moment as you felt it.

  5. OMG Allan! I love this photo and I am not sure how I missed it. I have certainly visited your site since it was posted but there ya go. Anyhow, I am here now and wanted to let you know I think this is great!

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