Arboretum Virtualis | VIII

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

In a Late Summer Breeze

The giant enchanted weeping willow slowly approached me by the country road, and whispered some advice that I felt compelled to hear. It said that no matter where I go or how old I may become I must always be forthright but patient, obstinate but considerate and always striving to grow.

40 thoughts on “Arboretum Virtualis | VIII

    • Yeah! The tree very much looked anthropomorphized to me, and as a lover of speculative fiction I really wanted to convey that characteristic.

      I wanted the weeping willow to look like it really was lumbering up toward me like one of Tolkien’s Ents. So, I spent quite a while taking numerous shots trying to get one in which the wind pushed the pendulous branches and leaves into the best positions. Portions of them look like arms, semi-outstretched from a torso to stabilize a gait.

      I post-processed the sky to have a dark and gradated red filter effect to really make the tree stand out, and create dimensional depth throughout the entire image.

    • Thank you, Marius.

      I love the gentle FFFFFFFFF-sound that the elongated leaves make in the breeze. In strong gusts it can be almost deafening but for the most part it can sooth and nearly put me to sleep. It really had a dreamy hypnotic affect on me while I was shooting. I would love to have stayed there all day.

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