Weekly Post Challenge: “Seasons”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

Sleeping Dragons

Not all dragons fly with fire in their bellies.
Some are like eels with flippers.
They hibernate in the winter while
Dreaming of warmer seasons
In which to frolic among waves
While their hearts beat joyfully
Like drums.
And I dream of them.


22 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “Seasons”

  1. Lovely take on this challenge, Allan. Lovely poem too. Don’t know if it’s deliberate, but I like how it’s darker in the lower half of the image and brighter near the top. I suppose that is how many of us feel in winter – a longing for light and warmth as we hide indoors away form the cold. There are some things which we much prefer we’d do in the warmer months. But in the cooler months when we are forced to stay inside and if we have nothing much to do, there’s always time for reflection and planning to get us all excited for times ahead.

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  3. Some are like eels with slippers :). It is as much fun reading you as looking at your photos. What a fabulous composition with shadows and reflections!

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