Weekly Post Challenge: “State of Mind”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography


I live in a big city but I’ve also lived in a small town before.

I love big city living more than country life but my experience with living in a small town that granted me easy access to the country has left me with a very strong appreciation for many things bucolic.

As to be expected, there are times when urban living becomes too stressful. I get angry with people and things around me that don’t seem to work to my satisfaction. Sometimes it’s because of them, sometimes it’s because of me and other times it’s a bit of both. I can always count on running to the country to ease my state of mind.

It doesn’t require much consideration. When I’m out there, I just look around; see the earth and sky, clear my mind and just breathe. No talking, barely thinking just defusing and reorienting.

This shot is exemplary of such a moment; such an exercise. When I’m centered again, back into town I go.

37 thoughts on “Weekly Post Challenge: “State of Mind”

  1. Beautiful BW shot. Love the composition. I’ve mainly lived in the city all my life, but for a few years in Malaysia I lived in the outer suburbs. Sometimes, it can get lonely and boring living out in the country. Then again, there are always so many scenic sights to get lost in. On the other hand, sometimes the crowds of people in the city – and all the waiting and hoping – wears you down.

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  3. Great post! I can totally relate to the part: “I get angry with people and things around me that don’t seem to work to my satisfaction. Sometimes it’s because of them, sometimes it’s because of me and other times it’s a bit of both”.

  4. I can see how that place centers you! Beautiful. I too am a city dweller at heart. But I also tend to live at the extreme’s. I find I am happiest either submerged in the hustle bustle of the city or afloat in the open ocean where there is no one. Anyhow, when I am resident in a city, I need lots of country time to balance. But I ramble. Great pic.

    • I think it’s a good thing; a sign of healthy diversity and adaptability in such personalities that can recognize and make use of the benefits of multiple environments.

  5. I am in tune with your sentiment. I love this dramatic capture, Allan. This coming Sunday I have “rural photography” as a theme. This would have been perfect 🙂

    • I am so sorry that I missed it. I have been preparing for and art show, and have just delivered the one piece that was accepted. Already I’m planning new work for an upcoming exhibition so it’s leaving me out of touch with a lot of blog following.

        • Thank you, Paula. It was accepted. It’s another group exhibition; same location as the last. The gala opening will be April 5. I’m going into advertising mode now, as well as creating new work for a future call for artists. Lots of work!

  6. Lovely, dramatic capture with a great sentiment, Allan. I love open vast landscapes like in Norfolk, I fell tension building up returning to the big, busy city.

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