Arboretum Virtualis | XI

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

On the Way to the Beach

A gentle tropical breeze blowing through the fronds of coconut palms makes an extraordinarily tranquil sound.


24 thoughts on “Arboretum Virtualis | XI

        • Beautiful area. I’ve only seen it in photos. The last time I was in Houston was in April 2001. I was on the western side of the city near the sam Houston Pkwy. If I ever get back down there again, I’ll have to put Galveston on my list of places to explore.

          • The west part of Houston/Harris county was flooded badly – the earthen dams of Bear Creek and Addick reservoirs/flood plains held, but stated backing up into Cinco Ranch and other subdivisions so they are slowly releasing water into the bayou system. TX Parks and Wildlife/county animal depts have publicized the areas/route animals will take fleeing the water releases and to please call them for animal pick-ups…there have been a few alligators in pools already. Always expect the unexpected around here.
            Galveston has great photo ops – from historical buildings to wildlife areas. Fun to go when not tourist occupied!

  1. Beautiful shot, beautiful poem to go along with it. I love sitting under a coconut tree, and did that quite a bit when I was in Malaysia. There’s just somethiv about it, pulling you away from the world and letting you take a breather.

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