#Mercenartist 2017

new year’s resolution display banner modes of flight

MOF Boarding Pass 2017

For those who have followed my blogs and social media accounts, I seemed to have dropped out of existence approximately midway through 2016.  I was also on quite an art exhibition circuit but that too came to a screeching halt.  This is because my wife and I were emotionally overwhelmed.  Although we were able to travel a bit, and I was able to continue with certain projects, much of the year was spent with our lives and thoughts being painfully impacted by the deaths of a number of people.  Many others that we know and are acquainted with happened to have the same experience.  It really seems like 2016 had an unusually high rate of mortality all around the world.

In response to these trials, I’d like to say that the MOF resolution for 2017 is to create more art that celebrates life but I’d be kidding myself.  The art of MOF has always been about exploring and celebrating life; real life, fictional life, near, distant, familiar, unfamiliar, joyful and even saddening aspects of life.  So, I wouldn’t be breaking any new ground here.

Once again, I have a tonne of e-mail to get caught up on.  I won’t be able to get to all of them.  I’m afraid that I’ll have to delete most of them, and accept the loss where I stood to make considerable gain from some of them.  I just want to thank everyone; nevertheless, for sticking with MOF and wishing my wife and I the best all this time, and let everybody who follows MOF know that I’m still around.  I’m still creating, planning and hoping to use art to enrich your lives as well as my own.

The only real changes are that I aim to push my comfort zone in terms of artistic expression and marketing.  Maybe I’ll push others too with these modifications.

I had better get on with it because, after all, each of us only has one fleeting life to live.


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