So, You’re Looking for a #WeddingPhotographer ? | Introduction

Hamilton wedding photographer search selection guide tutorial tips course

The Grand Entrance


I am a lucky guy . . .

Call me a late bloomer but I didn’t date until after I left home at 18-years old. I was raised by a single mother, and mum was an angry divorcee who forbade her children to date until we came of age and made something of ourselves.

The girls I eventually took out were very nice, beautiful inside and out, but not into me as much as I was into them. I’ve never been an angel but I’ve never been the bad boy they were looking for either. We simply weren’t each other’s types.

Being the loner that I have always been, I can honestly say that I’ve never really felt lonely, never rushed into finding love, and never played around but from as far back as my adolescence I certainly did pray to God that I would find someone truly compatible when it was my time.

I’ve always been well aware of how hard it is to find the right person to share life with, and I know I have my own peculiarities. That’s why I always knew that I needed a woman who would take me seriously, and needed me to do so in kind.

Meeting Kim is one of the greatest experiences of my life. She’s the only woman to accept me with all the quirks and fanciful ideas that I have, and is pleased to know that I accept her in exactly the same way. Out of all the men in the world, she chose me. Incredible! We courted for several years before getting married, and we tied the knot when it was right.

She once told me that she feels personally responsible for the amount and quality of happiness that people experience in life. She even meant complete strangers, and for all the years that I’ve known her she demonstrates exactly that compassion each and every day. That’s just one more important reason why I know that I have the best girl. She is so rare and noble in character.

Her love is so rare. I need her. She is worth every bit the wait that I endured. Sure, it’s cliché but we know our love is genuine just by looking into each other’s eyes and faces, and from the way we touch and finish each other’s sentences. From time-to-time, we wonder how we’ll be when we’ve grown old. We take on all the challenges of life that are thrown at us with a firm grasp of each other’s hands. Our life together is a profound adventure.

This strength of love; manifested in sentiments, behaviour and intimate moments, is what I look for when I do wedding photography. It’s as personal an experience for me as it is for the couple getting married. I aim to make each image proudly display the connection they have with each other, and that their families and friends have with them as they step into their future together. The look of their love captured in still photography.

Hamilton wedding photographer search selection guide tutorial tips course

Laura & Sean

Wedding Photography Plans

Are you about to propose? Maybe you’re past that stage. Starting to think about the importance of great wedding photography, especially before it may get too close to the crunch? Excellent!

This is not exactly a new blog series. I produced a series years ago, of a similar theme that generated modest attention. This was a result of encountering quite a number of brides and grooms who have nervously come to me and others for wedding photography, and being contacted by other bloggers like Manang Bok’s House with most appreciated comments like this:

“I hope I have you as my wedding photographer! “courted” — that’s a nice word, something that people don’t use (or do) that much anymore. Suggestion: I would like to see more wedding pictures in your blog — the venue, the cake, the flowers, the flower girls — well you would know that girls are suckers when it comes to weddings! Sometimes they (we) take on our impatience to our poor-significant others. I personally know a groom who almost called the wedding off because the bride is becoming such a drama queen!”

She’s right that I don’t showcase or write about this aspect of my artistic repertoire enough. So, I’ve pulled this series from the fixed pages of the main MOF blog, revamped it; giving it more teeth and most of all more straightforwardness, and I’m running it in the regular stream of posts.

I thought that I’d attack the overall subject of wedding photography from a different approach this time. Sure, I’m still going to offer free advice but this time I’m going to deliver them by taking readers directly through my consultation process.

I think this is a logical way to go because most people really don’t care about the details of wedding photography until they see a personal need to have pictures taken (I’ve seen a few cases in which there was no wedding planning whatsoever).

I find that THE greatest concern of anyone coming to me for wedding photography is their fear of being ripped off.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, this series is devoted to helping you make sure that you make clear, concise but informed decisions in order to get what you need. After all, the images of your wedding are an investment (just as any other art purchase stands to be). They are meant to capture some of the greatest moments of your life and last for the rest of your life.

Over the next several months, I’ll cover all of the points that I cover with clients; from cost to creativity, and give you the brass tacks on factoring photography into your wedding planning. I’m also going to hit on reasons, emotions and trends; all of the things that matter in wedding photography. These matters will be addressed in the following blog posts:

  • Introduction (here you’re are)
  • Part 1 The Question of Divorce When Considering Wedding Photography
  • Part 2 When to Search and Book?
  • Part 3 Average Pricing for a Professional Wedding Photographer
  • Part 4 All About Engagement Photography
  • Part 5 Pre-Wedding Event Planning and Coverage
  • Part 6 Consultation on Wedding Day Photography
  • Part 7 Final Wedding Photography Considerations
Hamilton wedding photographer search selection guide tutorial tips course

Tammy & Jeremy

My aim is to ensure that whether you come to me or go to someone else for photographing your nuptials, you will feel educated and confident. If not, I want to hear about it. Tell me what you want me to cover.

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