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Modern Photography

See this picture above? It’s a sign of the times.

When I do street photography, one of my aims is to get a feel of where a community may be going. Of many things, actually, I have an interest in or concern about the future. I suspect that it’s partly due to my growing up in a heightened state of future shock throughout my adolescence.

I’ve written about paradigm shifts in the visual art world and communications before, and it’s because of my interest in the future why I’ll keep on doing it from time-to-time.

We’ve all seen sports games, news reports or magazine articles and ads showing professional photographers, and observed the prolific use of DSLR cameras and super long Canon L Series lenses. That really wasn’t too long ago but then, a strange thing happened. We started hearing about how people were getting into shooting wedding photography and just about anything because they just picked up the latest iPhone, iPad or other smart mobile device that made it possible for them to record these things.

Sure enough, some of us laughed. The photography capabilities and versatility of smart phones and all, however, has already advanced far enough to make them real competition for the long line of responsive, sharp, image stabilizing DSLR’s and interchangeable lenses that have been deemed exclusively pro equipment for quite some time now.

As I use a fibre optic TV service that allows me rewind and pause live television, I felt compelled to shoot the above picture of my television screen at the time my local news channel was talking about the release of Hillary Clinton’s book ‘What Happened’. The publishing engagement was not so much why I shot this picture. It’s what I saw occur during the event that inspired me to grab my DSLR to capture this shot and write this blog post. I saw a room full of reporters and journalists holding up nothing but layered smart mobile devices to record the event. There wasn’t a single DSLR (never mind an SLR) in the crowd.

The sight, and realization of how photographic technology continues to advance in major waves — somewhat impressively yet kind of scarily at the same time, even inspired me to make the following comparative shot with the Galaxy S5 I’m still using. We’re only nearing the end of 2017 folks! You might actually want to mark this occasion on a calendar because you’ve gotta be wondering what’s coming next, and by when.

art, documentary photography, photography, communication, future, news

Get the picture?

7 thoughts on “#picturethis | 001

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  2. No doubt technology is advancing faster and faster. And yes, it’s scary, but also offers huge, new possibilities. I appreciate my phone’s capabilities to take excellent photos, but I still prefer my DSLR in most cases. It’s still quite a different thing and definitely more versatile than my phone. 🙂

    • I agree. I still see tremendous value in DSLR’s, and I’ll still be in the market for a new one in the near future. I can, however, imagine that within the next 10 years, DSLR’s may become a thing of the past for whatever smartphone technology may have morphed into by then. People will be thinking of me as a Luddite.

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