#ModesofFlight #LandscapePhotography | I

Hamilton Ontario Canada low light urban landscape photography

Gore Park from the East

I do reflect on my town a lot. Sometimes I fear that you get sick of it but what can I do? It’s not like I’m going to shut up about my city anytime soon. I like to show off “The Hammer”. It gets a bad rap from outsiders and citizens alike.

I once had a small exhibition in which some guy in his twenties was absolutely shocked about the picture I made of Hamilton’s Gore Park fountain. He was a lifelong citizen but he never saw the beauty that the city of Hamilton actually has to offer, especially in the downtown core where this fountain is. This is the inner city where people expect nothing but loss and degradation but there are substantial efforts by citizens and City Council to improve all of the downtown areas, starting with the core.

If I were a tour guide , I think I would make it a point to show off Hamilton’s core, as some already do. I’m pretty sure that the core is my favourite part of this city, other than my own home. There are times when this town can really dazzle you.

29 thoughts on “#ModesofFlight #LandscapePhotography | I

  1. I love what you do and hope you keep at it. We hear so many bad things on the news from that area, it will be nice to see another side to it!

    • With new challenges, and new plans it’s actually getting harder to devote the time but I’m definitely still in the effort to tell the story of this city for the long haul.

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    • Yes, and as a photographer I find to shoot my most familiar surroundings purely as landscapes. There are too many social and political factors that impact the job at hand. I’m compelled to shoot my city this way.

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