#ModesofFlight #StreetPhotography | III

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

Prepare to Meet Thy Choppers

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gavin Taylor, Bruce Farrer, Werner Koenen and all other members of the London Camera Club in beautiful London, ON for having me give a presentation on street photography on April 19, 2018. I’m always excited to introduce others to the genre, and it was a pleasure to do so with such a warmly receptive and thoroughly interested audience.

I am also thankful to all of you MOF readers and prolific street photographers who have taken an interest in The Unrepentant Flâneur’s Guide to Street Photography and written me asking for more entries. I’m afraid; however, that it was only a 12-part blog series.

I’m very pleased that the series is still garnering attention. The series was a lot of fun to do, and I’m still willing to discuss street photography (SP) here on the main blog. It’s due to receiving more urging from readers, why I feel I have been persuaded to start this ongoing series.

In my blog-based street photography project Hammer Home, you can see what’s discussed in either series put into practice. I am always willing to discuss SP generally there too, of course.

12 thoughts on “#ModesofFlight #StreetPhotography | III

  1. Congrats on where you’re going with your photography, Allan. Sounds like exciting opportunities coming your way and hope your series continues to grow. Hard work over the years goes a long way.

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