TheMOFMan Exhibits Again at the Atrium | AWP

art exhibition advertisement

I just wanted to briefly announce that I will have landscape photography on display in the 20th Art in the Workplace (AWP) Exhibition in The Atrium @ McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).

Come and see me and 157 other visual artists in the neo-Salon style show. This is one of the largest group exhibitions in the region.

If you’re in Hamilton or in the vicinity of Hamilton come to the Atrium and meet us, the AWP Board, MIP Staff and tenants.

It’s all happening on:

Tuesday, April 5th 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

for the gala opening at:

175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton

The 20th AWP Exhibition will be available for viewing 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Weekly Post Challenge: “Dance”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography


Get into the groove!

A DJ sets up beside the rink on summer Saturday evenings and plays music so that skaters can have a good time. Groups of skaters; most who are complete strangers, will get a groove on and start line dancing. Usually one to a few people will start a series of simple but fun moves somewhere near the centre of the rink. Soon, many just join in while others continue to do laps around them.

The Hamilton Waterfront Trust established the Hamilton Waterfront Outdoor Rink by Pier 8 with City Council’s blessing. In the winter, if conditions are right, the rink is soaked down, frozen over and used for ice skating. The place is a hit.

You can rent skates suitable for each season or bring your own. Skating itself is free. The only caveats are no violence, harassment, abuse of property or use of the rink for hockey or any team sports that would interfere with free skating.

Arboretum Virtualis | X

Black and white tree forest landscape photography

Life Sculpted

This is a Japanese maple, specifically a red Japanese maple and I saw it as more than a tree. I saw this one as a work of three-dimensional art. An installation that was years in the making.

Japanese maples are beautiful with all of their leaves but I was mostly drawn to this one without its summer crown. Mainly, it was the beauty of its grotesquely twisted trunk and branches but it was also the umbrella shape of its branches.

Photographed very similarly to “Otherworldly”; same lighting equipment setup and similar lighting and exposure settings, I passed this tree several times in daytime before figuring out the best way to shoot it.

Weekly Post Challenge: “State of Mind”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography


I live in a big city but I’ve also lived in a small town before.

I love big city living more than country life but my experience with living in a small town that granted me easy access to the country has left me with a very strong appreciation for many things bucolic.

As to be expected, there are times when urban living becomes too stressful. I get angry with people and things around me that don’t seem to work to my satisfaction. Sometimes it’s because of them, sometimes it’s because of me and other times it’s a bit of both. I can always count on running to the country to ease my state of mind.

It doesn’t require much consideration. When I’m out there, I just look around; see the earth and sky, clear my mind and just breathe. No talking, barely thinking just defusing and reorienting.

This shot is exemplary of such a moment; such an exercise. When I’m centered again, back into town I go.

Weekly Post Challenge: “Seasons”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

Sleeping Dragons

Not all dragons fly with fire in their bellies.
Some are like eels with flippers.
They hibernate in the winter while
Dreaming of warmer seasons
In which to frolic among waves
While their hearts beat joyfully
Like drums.
And I dream of them.

Arboretum Virtualis | IX

Black and white tree forest landscape photography


Can you imagine a town – no, a metropolis, in which every residence, school, office, factory and road that is built has to be in, surrounded by or around one or more trees that are significantly and functionally incorporated into the architecture? Imagine that!

Weekly Post Challenge: “Time”

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography


Some days it seems there’s just never enough.
Constantly planning, planning,
Running around,
Hurrying up to deliver results but
Waiting for that much needed feedback,
Reciprocation of action
Or results.
At times my life gets to be ruled by time.

Until I find time to strike back.


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