So You’re Looking for a Wedding Photographer? Part 4


Students and Noob Shooters

As alternatives to hiring experienced pros looking up photography students and other shooters who are new to wedding photography but aren’t someone’s apprentices, is a good idea. Some are really talented, and are willing to work dirt cheap in order to get some experience and hopefully get their names circulated. The drawback is that some others are limited artistically, technically, even technologically and lacking too much professional know how in the business sense.

Where do you find these people? Call up colleges, universities and check out online classified ad sites like Kijiji and Craigslist. Also consider contacting local photography clubs. Besides these, you may know of someone in your family who is beginning to pursue wedding photography, or a friend of a friend who is.

If you’re determined to obtain references, the chances of getting any for a student or new beginner are slim to none. Please see “So You’re Looking for a Wedding Photographer? Part 3: Average Pricing for a Professional Wedding Photographer”.

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