So You’re Looking for a Wedding Photographer? Part 5

I Love You Mummy

DIY and/or Relying on Guests

Can you shoot your own weeding, with disastrous results? Yes. I don’t recommend it at all!

These days, the majority of photos taken at virtually any wedding are taken by the friends and family members of the wedding couple. Just about everyone can and does take pictures with all the cell phones, automatic cameras, DSLRs and more that has flooded the global market at a wide range of costs. It’s fairly common now for wedding couples to even place disposable cameras at the reception tables so that guests, with or without their own cams, can shoot to their hearts content. Many wedding couples swear that they are quite pleased with the results but there can be drawbacks to this approach . . .

1) Most guests only “take” pictures. They don’t “make” pictures with the eye of someone who studies and practices photographic art. Acceptable photographic skills are also likely to go downhill fast if guests have had a little too much to drink before or during the ceremony or reception.

2) If you put cams on the table, who will get stuck with the costs of printing images? You may never possess pictures that you were counting on being donated to you.

3) If you put disposable cameras on reception tables, expect them to only be used during the reception. Don’t expect memorable images of the ceremony.

4) Some disposable cameras are known to fail to operate (I’ve sporadically heard and read criticisms from guests and disappointed newlyweds).

For all such issues, please see “So You’re Looking for a Wedding Photographer? Part 3: Average Pricing for a Professional Wedding Photographer”.

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