Going it Alone

You’re either with me or against me.

People flame too much on the Internet, even when it’s understandable.  So, I’m going to try real hard to not let this turn into another stupid rant (yeah, good luck with that).

Every now and then, some whats-it-whats-it who ought to have known me by now comes up to me saying something like, “Are you still drawing your life away?” or “Haven’t you given that artist stuff up by now?” or “Oh, I didn’t know that you were still into art?” or “Oh, I didn’t know that you also did graphics and photography.  I thought that you only drew and painted,” or “Oh, he thinks he’s a photographer now!”

I tend to stomach their digs and doubts but let me be clear.  I genuinely lose a lot of, if not all, respect that I may have had for those people; no matter how close or even blood-related they may actually be to me.  This may offend them.  I don’t care, just as they don’t care about my love of the arts why they feel they can relegate it.  If they really don’t want me to feel this way, then they should shut the hell up.  Seriously, do they expect me to be happy or even indifferent about their attitude toward the oldest, most natural and most reliable forms of communication?  This is one of a small number of circumstances in which I will stop being a nice guy, and will hate your guts for all eternity if that suits you.

Yes, there are people who come into the world, soon begin to enjoy expressing themselves in some artistic way; playing guitar perhaps, and then for some reason they drop the practice like a bad habit or muck about with it once in a while, and never try to nurture it into something substantial.  I find that the usual reasons for giving up on such God-given talents are their own and other’s invasive notions that continuing is a frivolous and irresponsible waste of time, and would only mean something if there was a guarantee that it would quickly yield fistfuls of cash.

While that’s them, it’s not me, and no one has yet to give me a logical reason why that has to be me.  Give up if you want!  Just stay out of my way!

I don’t know how else, or more importantly why, I am to explain that I have to be an artist.  It’s not a simple choice like many seem to think it is.  I have to do this.  It’s neither a whim nor an obsession; it is every breath I take!  It is not a hobby, it’s a career!  If you didn’t hear me the last umpteen times, hear me now; for me to stop exploring the arts, I will have to be rendered physically and mentally unable to continue; that either means being dead or in a persistent vegetative state.

Do you get it now?

5 thoughts on “Viewpoint

  1. I totally understand this. I am one that went the other way, always wanting to write and become a really good photographer but never quite convinced myself to give it the time and attention needed. I always felt I had to work, in the traditional sense. As you can well imagine, there is loss and gain with any choice. I have always thought the arts offered a doorway to open and go through, or close and turn back. I think I could write and write about this and never quite express how important public expression and the arts have been to culture and to society.

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